About Us

The Tufts Biomedical Business Club (TBBC) is an active, business-oriented organization of scientists and physician scientists.

Our mission is to cultivate business leaders in health and life sciences. We are a completely student run organization, and our efforts focus on education, preparation, and professional networks.  We host business seminars and casual coffee sessions where our members can interact with biotech and business professionals to learn about their career paths and their perspectives on the biotech industry.  We have self-guided learning efforts, including our case study group and biotech journal club.  We also host large collaborative events that focus on a particular topic.

We are always looking for connections to Boston’s biotech community, professional opportunities, sponsorship for new initiatives, and enthusiastic members.

How We Started

The Tufts Biomedical Business Club (TBBC) started in 2008 when a couple of Sackler PhD candidates wanted to explore the interface between business and science. We grew into what is now a large and vibrant community of graduate, medical, dental, and nutrition students, postdocs, physicians, scientists and alumni.

In the rapidly evolving biotech landscape we provide our members with opportunities to learn about consulting, entrepreneurship, business development, IP and more.

Current Executives

Jaclyn Dunphy
PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
Interested in Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship


Alexandra Taracanova
Vice President of Consulting
PhD Candidate, Pharmacology
Interested in Consulting


Aaron Bernstein
Vice President of Industry Outreach
PhD Candidate, Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Interested in Venture Capital and Science


Christina McGuire
Vice President of Operations
PhD Candidate, Biochemistry
Interested in Consulting and Venture


Michaela Tolman
Vice President of Business Development
PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
Interested in Healthcare Consulting


Alexander Jones
Vice President of Finance
PhD Candidate, Neuroscience
Interested in Data Science


Carrie Hui Mingalone
Vice President of Web Design and Online Interface
PhD Candidate, Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology
Interested in Healthcare Consulting


Bina Julian
PhD Candidate, Pharmacology
Interested in Business Development


Past Leaders

Expertise, Speaking Topic

Jennifer Nwankwo, SG16  
Pharmacology, Business Development
Andrew Coppage, SG15  
Biochemistry, Healthcare Consulting
Michael Baldwin, SG15  
Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Healthcare Consulting
Adam Weischhaus, Postdoc  
Pharmacology, Investment Banking and Healthcare Equity
Colleen McNamara, SG13  
Biochemistry, Drug Discovery
Faith Wallace-Gadsden, SG13  
Microbiology, Global Health
Sohini Mazumdar, SG13  
Genetics, Cancer Therapeutics
Brigham Hyde, SG09  
Pharmacology, Computational Market Research
Dave Greenwald, SG10  
Genetics, Academic Innovation