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TAP is a life sciences pro-bono consulting group providing services to a wide variety of clients in industry. We provide comprehensive market research, product commercialization advice, due diligence for investment decisions, and other services to meet the needs of our clients. This rigorous
program offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in-depth, hands-on experience in consulting and leadership.

Previous Engagement

TAP's second engagement in the fall of 2016 was a great success. Two teams completed healthcare analysis for bosWell.


"I was very pleased with the personal engagement and passion the entire team embraced throughout the project. The final report was clear, concise and supported with facts and data. Our company is excited to execute on the recommendations made." - President and CEO of SteadMed, 1st TAP engagement
"The quick uptake of our industry, its challenges, and our visions were outstanding. From the first week, we felt there was a deep understanding of how to take our questions and deliver them back with tangible perceptions and directions for us to move forward. At the next given opportunity, we will engage with TAP again to leverage their passion, knowledge, and ability to deliver promising direction with a message tailored to a market we thought only we knew so well." - Manager of Marketing and Sales Training at SteadMed, 1st TAP engagement
"As a first-time consultant, TAP exceeded all of my expectations. I learned more about the consulting profession in those six weeks than any number of books or classes could possibly teach me. It is an absolute must for anyone seeking a career in life sciences consulting!" - Mike Periera, TAP Consultant
"Proper team work experience!" - Valerie Larriau, TAP Consultant
"I hope TAP continues to get clients and grows. Applaud efforts to be inclusive of students/post-docs in and around Boston area." - Maddy Das, TAP Consultant
"I worked with TAP for six intense weeks on a consulting project, where I was able to gain hands on experience with solving business problems in a hypothesis-driven, structured manner, as well as honing my presentation and leadership skills.The level of teamwork was incredible, and the engagement manager was very professional and genuinely cared about our learning goals. TAP is hands down the most enriching, rigorous and fulfilling business experience I have experienced so far as a graduate student." - Christina Hao, TAP Consultant

TAP Participants

Previous Leaders

Maggie Baker (BU)

James Italia (BC)

Jordan Chambers (BU)

Michaela Tolman (Tufts)

Alexandra Taracanova (Tufts)

Farrah Roy (Tufts)

Mike Pereia (Tufts)

Ji-Yong Kang (Tufts)

Carrie Hui Mingalone (Tufts)

Leah Huiting (BU)


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