TBBC is Recruiting

Open positions:

Operations Lead – A workflow ninja with high standards. Efficiency minded, hates redundancy and waste. Appreciates the power of well designed “people systems.” Wants to enable TBBC to continuously deliver high quality products and experiences.

Corporate Relations – Consummate professional, excellent email etiquette, strong communicator. Wants to represent TBBC as a professional, savvy and collaborative organization.

Marketing Lead – Understands the power of well designed and well timed communication. Has a designer’s eye, an editor’s mindset, and a finger on the pulse of your surroundings. Wants to reach the people who need to know what TBBC offers.

Engagement Officer – Knows the power of a well crafted survey. Zeroes in on important questions and does not like to waste time. Loves data, and knows how to use it. Wants keep TBBC an impactful, relevant organization.

1-2 year terms. Apply by emailing tuftsbiotech@gmail.com.